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Management Team

Peter Pawlus, Founder and CEO Peter Pawlus is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of IntraWerks, Inc.  Peter started IntraWerks in 2002 to deliver quick to deploy, easy to use and affordable techologies that could be used in any size organization

In the summer of 2002, IntraWerks was one of the first partners to join the Google Enterprise Partner program. Under Peter's leadership, IntraWerks sold and represented Google Enterprise software solutions worldwide and in 2004, achieved over $2 Million in Google Enterprise sales.  IntraWerks helped carve out the initial market and represented Google at numerous trade shows and technology events.  Coaching and trained became integral to the success of our delivery model to ensure our customers could leverage their new technology purchases. Go-to partner for some of Google’s most challenging customers. Took over Google’s internal software renewal process and improved renewal rate from 65% to 95% in one quarter.as Peter left IntraWerks in 2003 to join Google as an emplyee (aka Googler) to assist them in their growth of the Google Search Appliance and Google Apps markets.  As a member of the Google Enterprise team, Peter Re

Prior to starting IntraWerks, is a graduate of Old Dominion University New York University and lives in FL with his family.

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