Free Google Products

Google’s Free Products for Your Company

The trend in the world of software development is to do everything online.

If you are an organization looking to reduce your technology and internet expenses, you might want to consider using a variety of Google products to do just that.

Below, is a description of what you can use for free, plus links to more information from Google.

If you want to use these products you need a Google account, which basically means you need to open a Gmail account.

Gmail:  Gmail has some unique features, like organizing your emails into conversations so you can easily see the chain of emails related to a particular topic. It has great search capabilities and you can tag incoming emails with labels so that you can find groupings of emails that fit that label. Integrates with Google Calendar and Google Docs.

Google Docs: Create, store, and share documents, presentations, and spreadsheets online. You can collaborate with others on your documents as well – no more emailing them back and forth. Google Docs is compatible with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Some of the more complex things you might do in Excel can’t be done in Google’s spreadsheet, but you can do a lot. Watch this helpful video (not produced by Google) to learn more.

Google Calendar: Not only can you do just about anything you can do in Outlook’s calendar, you can share your Google Calendar with others on the Internet. You can also create more than one, so you can have your personal calendar, an event calendar or an organizational calendar. Here’s an instructional video. By the way, people who use Outlook can send you a meeting notice that works just like it does in Outlook.

Google Sites:  Google Sites offers you the ability to create a website, an intranet, and a collaborative website. You can integrate, Google Calendar and Google Docs into your Google Site. They are fairly easy to build and you can also assign your own domain to them. You can also embed a Google Map in your site. Find out more.

Picasa:  If you need a way to organize your photos on your computer plus create web galleries which can be integrated with Google Sites and other websites, Google’s Picasa is a pretty good tool. Read more about it.

Blogger: This is Google’s blog building platform and it is pretty good and you can integrate other Google products into it. It is not as good in my opinion as Wordpress, but if you are going to deploy the other Google products, Blogger may be the way to go. Watch this video.

There are other Google products like YouTube, Google Groups, and Google Talk, and Google even has its own free 411 service.