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Google Mini

Bring simple, familiar Google Search to your small business intranet or website

  • Google-quality search - Bring familiar, easy search your public or private small business search needs.
  • Easy to purchase, deploy, and manage - Buy the Mini online, to set it up in minutes, and bring search to your operations with minimal IT workload.
  • Low TCO - Minimizes Total Cost of Ownership before, during, and throughout deployment. Learn more
  • Simple license structure - Hardware, software, and support costs are based on one simple data point: the number of documents you search.

Watch: Google Mini Overview


Website Search

Bring simple, familiar Google Search to your small business website.

  • Google-quality search – Indexes up to 300,000 web pages or documents with relevance and business-building results.
  • Familiar and easy to use – Intuitively recognized by site visitors so that they quickly, easily find the information they need to make decisions.
  • High ROI – Effective website search delivers relevancy that has been shown to increase engagement and conversion on all types of websites.
  • Secure – Allows password-protected access to let you manage data privacy.


Intranet Search

Drive engagement and increase conversions with the power of Google search.

  • Familiar, fast search – Indexes up to 300,000 pages of internal content to deliver information to the users who need it.
  • Feature set optimized for small business use – Tailored to search content and applications most likely to be needed in small to mid-size businesses.
  • High ROI – Easy deployment, maintenance, and use means fewer expenses – and lets you get real value out of your existing content and IT investment.
  • Secure – Integrates with document security systems to ensure user-appropriate access.