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Google Search Appliance 7007

The Google Search Appliance and Intranet Search

New! Google Search Appliance 6.0 enables organizations to scale easily and fine tune search to their needs. Learn more about what's new.

  • Fast, relevant search – Indexes nearly any internal system or format to accurately deliver information to the users who need it.
  • Customizable to specific needs – Powerful and relevant right out of the box, or easily fine-tuned to address your organization's unique needs.
    Watch: GSA 6.0 New Features
  • "Universal" search – Search intranets, portals, file shares, databases, content management systems, and business applications.
  • Easy, flexible scaling – With Dynamic Scalability, organizations can add thousands, millions, or even billions of documents without disrupting existing deployments
    Watch: "Complexity is Good?"
  • High ROI – Increased end-user productivity and lower costs for IT delivers real value out of existing content investment. Read the whitepaper
  • Secure – Integrates with single sign-on systems to ensure that users access only what they are entitled to see.
"The Google Search Appliance 6.0's new dynamic scalability feature is instrumental to helping us search internally, and the customization options mean that search results match employee security authorization levels."

– Mike Hecker, Deputy CIO, NASA


Why more organizations have their intranet search powered by Google than any other search solution:

  1. Employee productivity – Empower your employees to gain instant access to the content and data they need.
  2. Return on Information – Leverage the value of your existing business content. Learn about Return on Information.
  3. Speeds time-to-market – Share information and collaborate better on product development.
  4. Increase customer satisfaction – Enable your agents and customer-facing employees to service customers faster.
"We have the same one-fifth full-time employee supporting search as we did before, but we’ve gone from searching at best 500,000 documents to searching 22 million documents." Read the full case study.

– Sean Powell, Project and Technical Lead, Kimberly-Clark


Demos: Contact IntraWerks for a live presentation of Google's intranet search capabilities