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Google Apps Services

Google Apps Setup & Solutions Development

IntraWerks provides two types of services for Google Apps:

  1. Google Apps Setup
    IntraWerks provides setup services for your custom domain names to take advantage of Google Apps services and applications. In many cases, companies want to take advantage of Gmail with their own email addresses while keeping their web site hosting “as is.” IntraWerks can maintain the integrity of your existing web site while porting your email accounts to Gmail in order to take advantage of Gmail’s spam prevention and archiving capabilities.
  2. Google Apps Solutions Development
    Google Apps and some other Google services (e.g. Google Maps) offer a great deal of extensibility and interoperability. What this means is that IntraWerks can help your company take advantage of free and/or low-cost solutions such as:
    • Intranet/extranet creation for your business incorporating various Google Apps features
    • Pulling Google Apps and services into your existing web site
    • Building upon an existing Google service like Google Maps or Google Checkout

What are the Benefits of Using Google Apps?

The benefits of Google Apps are great but difficult to fathom because it is such a low-cost (in many cases: free) family of applications and services that can be extended through Google’s open programming documentation. Some of the benefits include:

  • Gmail: taking advantage of Google’s legendary spam prevention and archiving. You can continue to use both POP and IMAP-based email desktop clients like Outlook and Thunderbird with Gmail and use your own domain-based email addresses when you use the Google Apps version of Gmail.
  • Google Docs: Create, upload and store Word docs, spreadsheet docs, PDFs and presentations.
  • Google Sites: Create an intranet that easily lets you just allow your company employees have access or an extranet that grants access to just your employees and your key customers. Project wikis can also be developed. You can also provide calendering, document upload/download, commenting and simple updating.
  • Your Main Developer/Hosting Partner is Google: Google is likely to be more stable than your shared hosting partner and has proven to be more generous, less greedy and more open than competitors such as Microsoft.